Discover how to win him back by spending time apart and leaving him alone

By Shoshana Jackson

Talking to your ex after a break up is not the way to win him back

It’s natural after you break up with your boyfriend, to think about how to win him back.

Instinct will tell you to try to fix the relationship problems. This usually leads to bouts of begging, pleading and arguing. These things usually push your ex further away.

Most women will want their ex to know they want to fix the relationship

The more you try to get your ex to work out your relationship problems, the harder you’re making it to win him back. In order to stand a chance of getting back together with your ex you need to leave him alone.

If you had any type of connection with your ex, that emotional attachment didn’t end with your relationship. However, that bond can be quickly broken by trying to force them back into a relationship.

Allowing your ex time to heal after a break up will help win him back

There will be a certain amount of raw emotions after a break up. This can lead you to do and say things you don’t mean. As time passes, both of you have time to deal with these emotions.

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This isn’t the only reason to leave him along. Here are some ways letting go will help you win him back:

1. Not seeing you regularly will make your ex miss you.

After a break up, your ex will start to notice you’re not there. This will make him miss you and the time you usually spent together. By leaving him alone you’re giving him space to miss you and realize how much he enjoyed being with you.

2. Not having a way to communicate with you will make him think of what your relationship means to him.

You never miss something until it’s gone. Leaving him alone will give him time to think about the things he wants in a relationship and if those things existed between the two of you. It also gives you time to do the same.

3. If he decides that he truly misses you, he’ll need time to heal before you try getting back together again.

To have success in what would be a new relationship, you need to deal with the past relationship. Going through the stages of a break up will allow you to heal and let go of the past. This will help you start over as a couple.

You’ll need to give him space to miss you and time to heal from your failed relationship in order to win him back. You also need to take time to heal yourself so that you’re ready to win him back and start over in a new relationship with your ex.

Do you need a plan to help you learn how to win him back? Getting back together after a break up can be difficult. With the Magic of Making Up you can learn how to win him back and begin a new relationship with your ex.

Did you break up with your boyfriend? Have you tried to leave him alone in order to win him back? Share your story.

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